The Top Honeymoon Destinations In The World

One of the most expected moments after the wedding is definitely the honeymoon. Many couples consult a lot of travel agencies, choose the destination for their honeymoon and make reservations in advance in order to obtain the perfect honeymoon. If you are one of them, and if you try to find the perfect destination for celebrating this wonderful period of your marriage, here are some marvellous ideas.

Europe, a destination breathing romance

The old continent has always been a great holiday destination. Millions of people choose to spend their vacations in Europe, but it is especially the perfect place to spend a honeymoon. The capitals of some countries in Europe are among the most popular honeymoon destinations worldwide. Who among us has not dreamt of a visit in the City Of Lovers with the beloved person? Paris, the capital of France is famous for being the city of all lovers, the place where love can be seen everywhere: on the streets, in the chic cafes, in the historical monuments, everywhere. Whether you choose boating on the Seine or you prefer to enjoy yourself with the magnificent panorama that can be seen from the Eiffel Tower, Paris will always surprise you in a good manner.

Rome is another city recommended for the married couples to spend a nice honeymoon. Inhabited by Latin people, who are known as kind and loving, the capital of Italy expects lovers in any season of the year. The historical monuments in Rome, the amazing power of Italians to smile and love, the cozy music and the good food will transform Rome in an amazing honeymoon destination. Once you are in Italy, you cannot leave without visiting Venice, another city of love, or Verona, the city where a great love story developed: that of Romeo and Juliette. Vienna, Budapest, London, Moscow are also adequate destination for all tastes. All have different features, characteristics and places that deserve being seen. If you cannot decide yourself to pick one, then you are kindly advised to do an itinerary and make a short visit in all of them.

Choosing the seaside, your honeymoon will be wonderful

The seaside has always been considered to be a great holiday destination for the lovers all over the world. Taking a sunbath, swimming in the sea, dancing till the morning comes on the beach are only some of the favourite activities of the lovers. The islands in Greece, for example, have romantic places to visit and there are also some special itineraries and programs made especially for lovers. In Spain there are also some seaside resorts that expect you to spend a lovely holiday with your partner. In France, don’t forget to add the Cote D’Azur on your list. One of the most known seaside resorts in the entire world, this part of France is a very exotic place, just perfect for your honeymoon. There are also the islands in the Pacific Ocean, like Hawaii, Bora-Bora or Bahamas, where the sun shines all day long, and where the lovers can enjoy themselves in a lot of privacy. The sun setting in the evening would provide a wonderful opportunity to honeymoon couple to enjoy each other company in the nature.

Tale of the Most Isolated Foula Island


This is the most isolated and yet inhabited piece of land in British Isles. It is even remoter than the Shetland Island which has a population of just 30 people. This island is closer to Norway than the capital city of Scotland Edinburg. A visitor to this island would learn to become self-sufficient as it does not have many of the modern amenities. Yet people live there happily, making four times a week visits to the Scottish capital for buying many basic things for sustaining life. In this article, we would be seeing what this beautiful piece of land offer to the visitors and why people make a beeline there.

Weather Conditions in Foula Island

The weather in the Foula Island is beyond the manageable level. Hence, it is very difficult to get accustomed to the weather conditions over there. A visitor may get stuck there for no obvious reason. He might wake up at night to feel the fierce wind that blows at that time. The force of the wind is such that you may get the feeling of getting ripped apart. The wind also increases the cooling effect to such a level that the visitor might get frozen outside if he goes out without adequate safety measures.

Demography and Culture

This island has remained inhabited for past 5000 years. Hence, the island can boast of a legacy of culture and language. The people of the land spoke in a local language Nom. This population lived until the end of 19th century. At present, the island is privately owned by theHolbourn family. Out of 30 members of the family, there is one kid who attends the school alone. There is no traffic, and hence no noise. The island is devoid of telephone or mobile towers. The households and other institutions on the island have land connections to stay connected with the outside world.

Facilities Available

The island is more connected than what it was about 8 years ago. This is mainly due to the efforts put in by the island inhabitants. Foula Island remains connected to mainland by flight. The airplane takes the island inhabitants to the city four times a week for basic purchases. For this purpose, the islanders have constructed an airstrip. However, the island does not have basic facilities such as mobile network, connectivity, doctors, etc. Though the doctors are not there, there are primary clinics to attend to the immediate medical requirements. Though there is a telephone booth, the connection does not work in most instances. Since there is no provision for entertainment, the inhabitants most often live in solitude. Absence of the restaurants has made the people totally independent. The main industries that thrive on this island are crafting and small-scale farming.

Top 5 Most Exotic Beaches of Morocco

From sandy west coast beaches cushioned by Atlantic Ocean, journey north to Al Hoceima, which is a Mediterranean town with high Mountains along exotic beaches to enjoy, outdoors lovers like a lot such places. The kingdom of morocco offers to visitors a peace of mind with a lot of natural beautiful sightseeing’s and sandy soft cool beaches. Some of famous morocco beaches like Dakhla and Taghazout in Agadir are considered the most attractive beaches for ski boating, wave riders and in the whole country.

1- Essaouira:

With blue-green water, Essaouira beach is one of the world class vibrant beach in Essaouira presenting the scene of windsurfing, historic walled villages and crescent smooth sand. You can do some amusement with kite surfing after learning from shredders or at your own skill.

2- Al Hoceima:

Surprisingly independent with modern resorts, this beach is fully western look with a lot of visitors. This beach is surrounded by high hills with trees in the north city of morocco and best place to spend your morocco holidays. You can see many Tarifit Berber speakers (locally called Tamazight) on beach with their traditional settings.

3- Legzira:

Country’s most unique beach lies in between sidi Ifni and mirleft town in the south of Agadir tourism beach. Legzira beach is very famous for its natural beautiful arches and stone cliffs especially one which stretches across 90 feet of beach. Its majestic formation sparkles in different startling colors. Soak up more sunrise while stying at cheap morocco resorts located near beach and enjoy sunset in your cheap morocco holidays in natural environment.

4- Sidi Kaouki:

Situated near a small village of barbers with their camels and horses, which take you down to the beach as there is not too much to see in this small town of Sidi Kaouki. Intrepid travelers like a lot the stretched white empty sand beach which sometimes shows the view of awful war field but with less temperature in spring and winter it is converted into a wonderful beach with fresh air. Auberge de la Plage is an inexpensive hotel to stay with cheerful staff and traditional environment.

5- Asilah:

On the beautiful Atlantic coast in northern morocco, Asilah is bookend by golden sweeps of sand near the old walled city. Due to its exceptional and sea views, this beach is considered nicest joyful beach of the country. You can reach there with a taxi or caliche as it is some miles distance in south of old Medina city.

All the beaches are considered the very famous and incredible as their structure is unique and beautiful. Most of sea lovers and visitors come on these extraordinary beaches for enjoying their cheap morocco holidays. To fill up your mind with the beautiful scenery of sandy beach curves, spend some time in cheap morocco resorts for few days to exploit your amusement of sunset at stunning beach.

How to Make Your Holidays More Exciting With Luxury Egypt Tours

In the season of holidays, Egypt becomes the blend of modernity and timeless beauty of nature and civilization that makes it one of the most alluring places in the world in terms of tourism. Roughly, the tourist’s portions of Egypt are categorized into an oasis, the Nile Valley, deserts and Sinai region and the Red Sea. Moving between these portions is very easy, and it is really easy to book a holiday that combines diverse experiences on a trip.

It is no more a secret that Sinai and the Red Sea are among the most famous and rapidly growing sites in the world. Luxury Egypt Tours offer a classic experience of traveling with sand dews, sunny sun and a huge range of activities like desert trips, golfing, climbing and visiting natural parks. To enjoy the exotic fun of traveling, one should couple the friendly atmosphere with various activities that will become more joyous with family.


Luxury Egypt tours will take you to Egypt within few hours by plane, the smooth ride will give you guaranteed comfort with mild sunshine and cool breeze. The area of stunning scenery is perfect to explore, enjoy and relax with water and underwater activities. The Sinai Peninsula covers an estimated area of about 61,000 km. The borders are the Gulf of Suez to the West that splits Africa from Asia and the Gulf of Aqaba to the East. In the Northwest direction, approximately 200 km. the area is occupied by the Mediterranean Coast. Isolated and preserved by majestic mountains, the Santa Catalina Monastery is one of the major attractions in this portion.

The Egyptian Red Sea Coast starts from the Gulf of Suez to the Sudanese border which lies in the north direction. It lies opposite to Sinai which is located on the east coast of mainland Egypt. The dry limestone valleys and cliffs of the eastern desert remain hidden but the Red Sea and coral reefs develop a rich history to the time of Pharaohs.

Destination “A La Carte”

The most tempting thing about this area is that it provides unlimited excitement when it comes to enjoying holidays in the best possible manner. Highlighting destinations of “A La Carte” are El Gouna, Hurghada where you can enjoy sports and peaceful dive at Marsa Alam. Don’t miss to relax in the complex of Porto Ghalib, rest in Nuweiba and sunbath in Taba. Also, visit Sharm-El-Shiekh and Dahab to enjoy the nightlife of Egypt.

A blend of luxury

Egypt tours usually combine attractive destination visit to take the fun to another level, combine the beach holiday with an exotic trip to the Valley of Kings and Pyramids. Enjoy short trips by plane, so that you won’t miss any moment of luxury in Cairo. Immerse yourself in the pool and soak up in the treasure of Egypt.

Why Should Parents Let Their Teenage Kids Travel With Friends?

More often than not you will come across parents who’re ready to create a protective wall around their kids – never letting the child behave independently. While protecting your child from whatever things you think aren’t necessary, it is also important to make sure that you child becomes a responsible individual.

Since adolescence is the right age to teach the child a couple of things, including the importance of being responsible for own things and actions. This is also the age is when being over-protective parents might not be the best thing to do – so let your child tie his own shoes, pack his own bag, do his own homework and talk to his friends – even if that means talking over a vacation.

This article summarizes the top reasons why parents should let their teenage kids travel with friends –

It opens the doors of their knowledge – You’ve always taught your child the right things and done almost everything you could to impart knowledge, for once let travel be their parent. When you let your kid travel with his buddies, remember even if it is for a little while but they will talk sense – they’ll impart each other the right information, and this is exactly what your child needs.

It makes them look at things from a different perspective – Until now your child looked at the things the way you made them look, but travelling opens the many doors of varied perspectives. Even if it is a group of ten friends travelling together, each one will have a perspective of his own – which means your child will not only learn to develop perspectives but will also readily accept someone else’s point.

Travelling with friends means better bonding – A child’s mental development is based on how well he can communicate with his peers, and what’s better than travelling with such friends? It’s not only going to be a time for lots of fun activities but also special bonding – and remember the friends who travel together stay together.

Travelling would make your child into a responsible adult – When travelling with friends your child has no choice but to act responsibly – this means that sending him alone with friends will benefit him some way or the other. He’ll turn into a more responsible adult and in the longer run will also be able to take some wise decisions for himself.

He’ll make mistakes, improve and get over – Travelling with friends should be your child’s choice and if it gives him happiness you should certainly allow him to take that trip. Over the years, or maybe over a particular journey your child might make mistakes, but he’ll improve and most of all he’ll learn from them – so let them just travel.

While you might think that your child is too young to travel with friends, remember it will only benefit him in the longer run. Plus, travelling is a way of leading a better life and there is no right age for your child to travel, so make sure you let him make the decisions of his life from a very tender age, even if it concerns travelling with friends.

Best Places to Stay in Delhi

Traveling to the national capital of a country with a population of more than a billion can be challenging at times. Located at the heart of North India, Delhi was crowned as the capital city of India in 1911 due to its prime location. It has a lot to offer for the vacationers across the globe due to its glorious history of the emperors of different eras and the tales of their glorious victories. The long past of the city and the stories attached to its monuments makes it one of the most sought after places for the historians and the tourists.

While programming the journey to New Delhi, you must know that the city has a lot to offer to its visitors in terms of hotels and properties and making their halt a pleasing memoir in their journal. As you definitely not want to ruin your expedition due to some trivial issues arising out of your stay, hence, allow me to bring to your attention some of the best properties in the capital where you can stay and feel the luxury of your lifetime.

The Taj Mahal New Delhi

This is a five star hotel featuring a state-of-the-art gymnasium, ecstatic spa and a beautiful outdoor pool. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is just 18kms and the New Delhi railway station is just 5kms from the place. The Rashtrapati Bhavan is just 2kms from the hotel. You can have an incredible shopping experience at Connaught Place which is just a 25 minutes ride from here. It also provides the concierge who will facilitate you a heritage walk to Humayun’s Tomb, a healthy walk to Lodi Garden and a tour in auto-rickshaw to old Delhi.

Hyatt Regency Delhi

One of the best luxurious hotels which is just a 25 minute drive from IGI Airport and a 20-minute ride from city center, the Hyatt Regency is placed in the commercial hub of Bhikaji Cama Place. It provides exclusive salon for its guests, and you can also pamper yourself with therapeutic and body wrap treatment. Free Wi Fi can be accessed all over the place. Fitness center and outdoor pool are at your disposal. It has 24 hours dining option available with 6 foods and beverage choices. You get options like Chinese and Italian for dining as well as an oriental restaurant.

The Imperial

Awarded as Asia’s premium hotels and best luxury hotels in India by World Luxury Hotel Awards for 2010, 2011, The Imperial sits proudly in Janpath Connaught Place, which is a great choice for wanderers interested in culture, historical landmarks and food. Just a 25 minute drive from IGI Airport and 10 minutes from the New Delhi railway station, it is a luxury which has spacious rooms, with minibar, tea/coffee making facilities and modern fittings. Bathrobes, toiletries are on the house. You will get caretaker assistance for tour and theatre information.

What Do You Know of Bangalore?

Do you think you know everything about Bangalore?

Is your knowledge complete?

If yes is the answer, lets prove you wrong.


It lies in the south east of India. It is located in the heart of Mysore Plateau. Sea waters are 920 meters below this state.

The climate of this state is pleasant throughout the year. One can say god has made this state with a plenty of time. The summer temperature rarely increases and winter temperatures seldom decrease. Even the rainfall is also seen during evenings or nights, so that one can enjoy them.

This city is untouched by strong seismic waves or earthquakes.


Many people come to Bangalore for business purposes because of its high and guaranteed return. This is one of the fastest growing cities.

More than 50 engineering colleges and 212 software companies and large number of people engaged in software field make this city “the Silicon Valley” of India.

It has many fashion industries and this makes it “The fashion capital”.


Lalbagh is located at the heart of the city and has about a thousand types of flora and fauna. It also has few rock formations that are a million year old. The place is full of trees which have spent more than 100 years on earth.

Cubbon park is famous for different species of plants and the kids train, for which the children are mad.

How can one miss the famous Jayaprakash Narayan Biodiversity park. It is famous for the 4 lakes situated within it.


· Bangalore fort built in 1537 is just too awesome.

· Tipu Sultan’s summer palace shows the thinking of the early engineers. No one feels warm there.

· Bangalore palace built in 1862, is a true replica of Windsor Castle in England.


The city has a large number of museums. All the museums have their flavor.

· Government Museum- this museum is for those who have a true love for old coins, jewelry, sculpture and inscriptions. It also contains the earliest Kannada inscription.

· Karnataka Folk Museum – it is located in the Kumara park west and has a very good collection of weapons, masks, video tapes, utensils and instruments.

· Madras Sappers Museum And Archives- it was inaugurated in 1979 and it showcases the Madras Engineer Group also known as Sappers. It is a very old regiment of the corps of Indian army. Many claim it as the oldest one.

There are many more museums in this city which are worth watching.


National gallery of modern art is an art gallery in this city and shows the paintings of best Indian painters like Raja Ravi Verma and Jamini Roy.


Natures beauty is the best beauty. How can one come to Bangalore and go without giving a visit to Nandi Hills. It has an ancient temple of Nandi.

The joy of watching the Thottikallu falls cannot be described in words.

The different and beautiful lakes like Ulsoor lake, DRDO lake, Yediyur lake, etc. have their own beauty.

The reasons for coming to Bangalore will make you to come Bangalore.